In the mid 19th century the first evidence of the Border Collie breed emerged. Sheepdogs tending to the herd had been around a great deal before that time. Late in the 19th century the Collie had really emerged and several famous Border Collie lines were established with a few notable ancestors.

The famous Old Hemp was born in 1893 and Old Kep in 1891. Most Border Collie lines can be traced back to these two amazing dogs.

The origination of the name Border Collie has never been fully agreed upon. Some believe Collie originated from the English word for coal, some for a German word for worker Kui that is pronounced similar to Collie, while others believe it came from a Gaelic word meaning useful. Border originates obviously because the breed originated along the borders.

Secretary of the International Sheepdog Society James Reid used the term Border Collie together for the first time in 1918 to describe the winner of the Supreme Championships. In 1946 Border Collie names were used for the first time on registration papers.

Border Collie Working Cattle