Border Collie puppies are absolutely adorable. Little black and white puppies are so cute and that sure helps breeders sell their litters. Puppies are often mischievous because of their interest in the things around them. Their strong desire to learn about the world gets them into trouble sometimes so keeping a close eye on your Border Collie puppy is often necessary.

Border Collie litters usually have between 4-8 puppies, with 6 being the average.

A Border Collie pet owner should walk their puppy outside often to quickly train the puppy to go to the bathroom outdoors.

Make sure the puppy gets a high quality puppy food in the recommended portions according to the directions.

Border Collie puppies grow quickly so make sure you get some good pictures!

Border Collie Puppies
Border Collie Puppy

When choosing between several puppies look for traits that you prefer such as whether you want your dog to have erect ears, partially erect ears or more floppy ears. The markings will also be something that generally stick with your puppy right on through when he or she gets older. You may even be able to get a glimpse into the attitude of the dog by seeing if the puppy is sociable, energetic and curiousness.

You can find Border Collie puppies for sale from reputable dog breeders in many places. Search around for Border Collie puppies that are from a Breeder who has papers for both the parents and have documentation on the health of the dog including hip certification. recommends you first consider going to a border collie rescue. Rescuing a Border Collie is a wonderful act of kindness and one that your four legged friend will be thankful for forever.

Border Collie Male Puppy
Border Collies Puppy
Border Collie Baby

When it comes to border collie breeding the main focus should be on selecting only the healthiest dogs which have been verified to be free from genetic issues. Selling border collie puppies has increasingly become bigger business so finding a legitimate breeder who takes the long term health of the breed into consideration is important. A breeder needs to certify the parents are free from genetic defects before breeding and follow up with the litter by testing the puppies for temperament to make sure the puppies will be able to transition into their new home.