A Border Collie’s personality is very compatible with the right type of owner and that can make the breed a problematic family pet if put in the wrong family situation. If you are the type of person that enjoys the outdoors and your first thought in the morning is what can I do today with my dog then a Border Collie’s personality will go very well with your own. The border collie┬átemperament will vary depending on how much regular activity he or she gets every day. Problematic Border Collie personalities arise usually when an owner has underestimated the energy level needs of the dog.

Border Collies are loving dogs and enjoy being part of the family. As a family dog border collies are very active and will want to be a part of every family activity. When in the house, a border collie will usually follow you everywhere you go and that includes the bathroom.

As lap dogs border collies are certainly not the best. They do enjoy affection and attention and can spend time laying on your lap but it usually won’t last a long time. This is because they are very independent animals and they often get bored easily.

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This independence is seen also when border collies sleep. You will notice the dog likes to find a private place that is covered. In a home setting, expect your pet border collie to want to sleep under the bed or under a desk. Though a border collie will enjoy a cushioned bed, often you will find your family dog will end up taking naps on the colder tiled floor in your home.

Border Collies make excellent guard dogs. They enjoy the focus and concentration that is required. However, being a guard dog for endless hours without exercise will lead to obsessive behaviors like barking at the faintest sound of footsteps. Correcting this behavior is difficult, as border collies will get your attention whenever they bark at even the sight of any unknown person or animal nearby and often this attention is what they seek.

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