Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs and therefore nutrition is an important component to the overall health and well-being of your dog. There are quite a few considerations you should take into account regarding Border Collie diets but nothing that is very much different then most other dogs.

Realize that Border Collies will get the adequate amount of their nutritional needs from a diet consisting of only a high quality commercial dog food such as Purina. Companies like this spend a great deal on researching exactly what dogs need in their diet and in what percentages. The research has led to dog food development that most dog experts agree is adequate in providing all of the vitamins, minerals, protein and fat that a dog needs. There are many more expensive brands that are considered to be better than Purina such as Science Diet. Talk to your vet about the diet that is right for your border collie dog.

Can I feed my Border Collie people food?

Border Collies get all the nutrients they need from your store bought dry dog food, however if you choose to feed your Border Collie people food that is probably OK for most dogs. Remember not to give your Border Collie more then 10% of its total food intake a day in people food. A little bit here and there is a better idea then giving him a big plate full of leftovers. If your Border Collie starts neglecting his own food you should stop feeding him people food. People food can make a Border Collie overweight like it makes people overweight. Normally, Border Collies are so active that this rarely occurs, but it is something that happens to some dogs. One people food option is a cooked egg, which provides some protein and the vitamin, biotin.

What type of dry dog food should I get for my Border Collie?

The best are probably the more expensive, but you usually pay for what you get. A brand like Purina has spend considerable resources researching the nutrient needs of dogs. On the other hand, the generic brand probably has not done much research. Getting the needed nutrients and fat/protein percentages can make your dog more energetic, healthier and improve their coat. In general, a dry dog food with 31% protein and 20% fat is desirable but the exact amount a dog needs depends on a lot on the weight of the dog and the amount of energy they use daily.

Should I free-feed my Border Collie?

Free-feeding your Border Collie is an option that works for many dog owners. They realize that nobody knows the needs of your dog as well as your dog itself. Border Collies can usually free-feed without issues consuming the exact amount they need. If your dog starts to get overweight you should start to feed your dog twice per day, and remove any leftover food they don’t eat within ten minutes.

What types of vegetables and fruits can I feed my Border Collie?

Border Collies can eat many fruits and vegetables and therefore get some added nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are good option if you decide to give your dog people food. It is much better for them then pizza, fatty bacon and ice cream. Apples and carrots are great choices. The cold, sweet flavor is usually welcomed with tails wagging.

Can I feed my Border Collie chew sticks and pig ears?

Border Collies love these types of treats. As long as it does not interfere with their desire to eat their normal meals, then chew sticks and pig ears are usually fine. Try to always keep your eye on your dog as these items do propose a small risk of choking. These treats also entertain your Border Collie inside the house for a little while.

Will my Border Collie like those toys stuffed with treats like Kongs?

The challenge of getting the treats out of the Kong is something that your Border Collie will enjoy almost as much as the treat itself.

What ingredients are important in a dogs diet?

  • protein percentage
  • fat percentage
  • moisture content
  • ingredient types: chicken, lamb, vegetables
  • vitamins added
  • oils
  • fillers

Can I give my dog a vegetarian diet?

A dog’s digestive system has evolved into using the proteins from meat the best. Vegetable proteins can be consumed, but the digestive system needs more energy to process the less nutritious protein. Vegetables supplementing your dog’s chicken and/or lamb is the best option. A dog needs the amino acids, protein and vitamin B12 that is found in meat based foods.

Border Collie Eating Bone
Border Collie in Field