Border collie flea treatment done right fixes the problem of controlling fleas and ticks. Many dogs enjoy jumping in the tall grass, playing in the dirt and interacting with other animals so it is important to take flea treatment serious for the health and safety of your border collie. The best medication to control fleas and ticks can last a month and keep your dog free of the harmful pests. The very small flea can cause itching and skin infections in your border collie, but preventing them can be accomplished with a flea control treatment. You can kill fleas on your dog and prevent future infestations by using flea control products.

Effective Flea Control Treatments for Border Collies

First off you should understand that fleas are very resilient creatures. Like how the annual influenza people deal with can become resilient to the flu shot each year, fleas are often able to become resilient to certain flea products over time. The best known case of this is with the very popular Frontline tick and flea medicine. Because of Frontline’s widespread use, the effectiveness of the medicine has been questioned by vets and dog owners. The idea here is that you should be open to switching between flea treatments until you find one that works well, and then be willing to switch to another flea medication in the future if you notice the flea control you were using is no longer effective at killing fleas. Medications for border collies that kill fleas and ticks can be very strong and care should be taken when storing the products safely out of reach.

border collie flea and tick treatment control medicationBorder collies are very active and happily spend much of their lives outdoors. Running on open land and through high grass can make a border collie susceptible to ticks. Using tick control treatment can help protect your dog. Manufacturers of flea medications have engineered the treatment to also be effective at controlling ticks on dogs like the border collie.

Flea and tick treatment comes in a variety of different applications. Drops on the skin, oral chewable tablets, pills, flea collars and shampoos are common ways flea products are administered. Most work for about one month and the dosage is repeated once per month, though you must read the directions carefully that come with the flea and tick medicine as overdosing can be very unhealthy for an animal. Flea control collars that dogs wear to repel the insects are no longer popular as once a month oral medication or drops on the skin have become the most widely used flea prevention and flea killing method.

Flea shampoo products can be an effective way of helping to control an outbreak of fleas on your border collie. Regular bathing and grooming can help maintain a clean coat and provide opportunities for inspection of fleas and ticks on your dog.

Because of the poisonness nature of many flea killing medications there is demand for more natural flea control treatments. 

Big brand names manufacturers in flea control medications are Frontline Plus, Comfortis, Interceptor, and K9 Advantix II. While all of these flea products you can find for sale online you should be careful to buy from trusted sources and know where it is made, such as directly from your veterinarian. Some popular brands sold online at places like ebay are not authentic and were not actually made by the manufacturer, and these fake products are only slightly cheaper than purchasing from a trusted source. Another flea medication tip is to check the expiration date on the product box to make sure the flea/tick medicine is not expired or about to expire. Prices for flea treatments can vary, but most one time per month treatments will cost about $10 per month. Often you will see flea products sold in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month doses. The price per dose is usually the lowest when buying in bulk, so to save money choose the larger box of flea killing treatments that will last for 6 months or a year.

Flea Control Tablets and Pills

Very effective are flea treatment pills. The best known flea treatment tablet is Comfortis and other brands like Capstar and Trifexis are reported by many users to be the best solution for monthly flea control. Medicine pills enter into the bloodstream of the dog and moves to the skin surface which kills biting fleas. In this category you can find pills that are swallowed and chewable tablets.

Topical Flea Control Products

Liquid drops with flea control medicines that is applied directly on the skin is the most common way people apply flea and tick medications. The topical treatment is effective at killing fleas that have infested the animal. Refer to the product packaging for how to administer the flea drops you choose to buy. Many directions say to put the drops between the shoulder blades of the dog. The most popular topical flea control products are Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix II.

Flea Collars for Dogs

Despite being an inexpensive flea treatment, for most medium or larger breeds of dogs like the border collie flea collars do not work effectively. Flea collars are adjustable and thin plastic that has a chemical coating on it which repels fleas.

Flea Shampoos for Dogs

The key to using flea shampoos is reading the directions, as most recommend leaving the flea shampoo on the dog for 5 to 10 minutes. Creating a good lather and making sure the shampoo is worked into the coat can really help control fleas and fight flea infestations.

Flea Sprays for Dogs

Regular bathing of your border collie is important but between baths flea sprays can be used to help fight fleas. Sprays wash off when the dog gets wet. Make sure you do not put any spray in your dogs mouth or eyes. The flea spray process is as easy as misting the spray around the body from the neck to the tip of the tail and then spraying some on a cloth to wipe around the dog’s face, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Frontline Spray as well as many natural flea sprays are common options for owners who try these types of flea spray products.