Border Collie grooming is very important. Not only does regular grooming keep your Border Collie looking good but it allows you a chance to discover problems early.

A Border Collie should not be bathed more then once every couple of weeks. Bathing only when necessary is the best idea because every wash the nutrients in the hair get taken out leaving it dry and brittle.

Their coats can be long and straight or short and sleek. Regular brushing is necessary especially the long haired type to avoid matting and other problems. A Border Collie sheds a couple times a year and so extra care needs to be taken during this time.

Check the coat and the ears for ticks often.

Cutting a Border Collies fingernails is important.

Carefully cleaning their ears is also necessary.

Regular brushing your border collie’s teeth and having their teeth cleaned professionally twice a year is highly recommended.

Border Collie Grooming

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