Training for the smartest breed of dog is usually pretty easy. The basics of sit, stay and lay down are usually learned quickly but border collie training is much more involved than just the basic commands.

Border collie training is a continual effort that not only reinforces the basic commands but adds new words, commands and experiences that stimulate the mental and physical gifts of this dog breed. Follow these border collie dog training tips and you will be set for years of happy companionship with your pet. If you do not put in the necessary effort to train your border collie than you will have repeated issues that will be frustrating for both you and your dog.

Start training your dog at an early age and be persistent. Every day spend 10 to 15 minute spurts going over new commands and reviewing old commands. Reward your Border Collie with praise and treats. Take the training a step further and teach the commands without using your voice but instead use hand motions. At first use both voice commands and hand motions and gradually see if your Border Collie can respond to just the hand motions.

Puppy training to use the bathroom is usually learned pretty quickly for a Border Collie. Take your dog for a bathroom walk often throughout the day when they are puppies and praise them when they go outside. The dog will quickly understand the bathroom area is outside and not in the house. You do not need to use training mats as these will often confuse a dog who learns it is acceptable to pee inside the house. Puppy training to go to the bathroom outside requires repeatedly taking your puppy outside to relieve himself and offering him praise when he accomplishes this task. Train your puppy by going to the same spot outside and he will quickly learn from smell, sight and experience that this is the area where he should take care of his business. Choose a different area for playing with your puppy outside and he will learn if it is play time or bathroom time. The key to house training your border collie puppy is to realize they have small bladders so they need to go to the bathroom very often.

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