Border Collies and Frisbees go hand in hand. They love to catch a frisbee and the exercise they get doing so is extremely beneficial to their health. Almost all Border Collies will quickly learn to catch and return a frisbee to their owner.

The key is to throw the frisbee away from the Border Collie and have the dog chase it down. Do not throw at your Border Collie, hitting them in the face is certainly not an enjoyable experience. The best way to do it is to have your Border Collie run behind you on your one side and shoot out on the other side as you are about to release the frisbee. In this way your dog is already accelerating and his eyes can already be watching the frisbee as it leaves your hand.

To make your Border Collie run behind you show him the frisbee in front of him as you spin around then throw it when you are facing forward again. Repeat this spin, add some voice command like “Go Behind” and a hand motion moving the frisbee quickly along your leg in the direction you want your dog to go behind. After some time, the hand motion alone will be enough to signal your dog to go behind you and you will no longer have to spin around.

Disc dog competitions are becoming increasingly popular. Border Collies tend to dominate disc dog competitions because of their agility, stamina, concentration and intelligence.

A Border Collie needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Regular frisbee sessions are a great way of meeting your Border Collie’s needs.

Find level grass to play on. Holes in the ground can cause injuries to a dogs legs. Having plenty of space is important as well as a Border Collie may be so focused on the frisbee that they run into a tree trunk, table, fence or similar. The twisting in the air for the frisbee can also take a toll on your dog. Pay attention to your dog’s movements and stop if your dog is moving weird as he or she may be injured. Always consult a vet if your dog is injured.

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