Border Collies love toys of all shapes and sizes. The key is simply to give a Border Collie variety. Having plenty of toys to choose from and experience will keep the dog from becoming bored. Understand that the Border Collie is a breed with high intelligence so becoming bored from mundane tasks can make your dog very unproductive. However, regularly playing with your dog with a different toy will make them very happy as they get a chance to enjoy new experiences.

Generally a Border Collie is not destructive of their toys so they last. However, a Border Collie that is bored may take out his frustration on a toy by chewing on it.

Toys we would recommend are fetch toys like balls and frisbees. When playing these throw and retrieve type games with your Border Collie mix it up a little. Try throwing in different directions and up high in the air. Invest in a good quality dog frisbee so puncture marks – which can be sharp and dangerous- don’t occur.

Plush Toys can be comforting for a Border Collie and they often enjoy having one near where they sleep. While some dogs may destroy plush toys quickly, most Border Collie will take care of their doll and it will last quite awhile.

Pull Toys or Tug Toys are a favorite of Border Collies who enjoy the challenge of trying to take away the rope from you. Most dogs will not release the rope from their clenched teeth for as long as you keep pulling.

Hide and Go Seek is a great game to teach your Border Collie. Show a toy to your dog and leave him or her in the other room. Hide the toy somewhere in another room and then go get your dog and tell him or her to find the toy. Border Collies love this type of challenge. This works great with snacks as well because your dog will really be able to use his sense of smell to sniff out the treat.

Name your dog’s toys as well. You will be amazed at the number of words a Border Collie can learn. Your friends will often be impressed when you say “Get the Kong” and your Border Collie runs into the other room and returns the Kong. This type of mental stimulation is great for your dog.

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