The staring eyes trait exhibited by Border Collies is one of their most recognizable features.

Border Collie eye color varies from a deep brown to amber to blue. Some dogs may exhibit one eye with a different color then the other eye, this is common with merles.

The most common Border Collie eye color is brown. Brown colored eyes vary from dark brown to a light brown. Border Collies with a black and white coat have darker eyes then ones with a lighter coat.

All Border Collies except Merles should exhibit brown eyes. Mother Nature sometimes changes this and you will see dogs with a blue eye, which normally is only present in merle coated Border Collies.

Blue is only desirable in merle Border Collies and sometimes you see dogs with an odd eye, one eye brown and one eye blue.

Many Border Collie puppies have blue eyes which turn brown as they mature.

Border collies are famous for their eyes staring at you. This dog breed has an inherited instinct to stare and can do so for long periods of time. The instinct was developed as a tool for herding in that the dog can control sheep and other livestock by intimidating them with their stares. In intense moments, dogs belonging to the border collie breed will crouch and stare and appear to be heavily thinking about the situation. This focus is one of the signatures of the border collie breed and you will rarely see other breeds perform this stationary, ready to react crouching position while staring keenly with their eyes at whatever its target may be.

Border Collie Blue Eyes
Border Collie Brown Eyes Profile